Li Linke De Xiao Guaner

Li Linke De Xiao Guaner

Alternative: The Bistro of LiLinke The Lounge area of Connection Lee 李林克的小馆儿

Language: Subbed

Episodes: 9

Type: Year of ONA: Status in 2021: Current

Genres: Show Cut of Life

In Beijing, a city where innovation reverberations with conventional culture, where potential open doors exist together with difficulties, conceals a bistro in a peaceful rear entryway at the foot of CBD. In THE BISTRO OF LI LINKE, diverse cultures and elements collide and fuse. You could without much of a stretch miss it since there is no striking billboards or lavish designs. But everyone who comes here knows that this cozy little bistro is the best place to unwind after a long day and just relax. You might even get to talk to the person sitting next to you about forgotten memories.

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