Legend of Himiko

Legend of Himiko

Alternative: Himiko-den’s language is: Subbed

Episodes: 12

Type: Year of TV Series: Status in 1999: Finished

Description of the plot: Adventure, drama, fantasy, and supernatural. When a baffling flame one day appears before Himiko Himejima, a high school student, she discovers that her life will forever be altered. Himiko and her friend Kutani Masahiko from school are taken to Yamatai, an ancient kingdom, by the flame. During a ritual to select a queen from among six candidates, the Kune empire recently attacked the Yamatai kingdom. The six queen candidates lead a resistance force to overthrow the Kune empire as the evil Kune general raises an army of undead for power. Himiko and Kutani before long end up battling close by the sovereign contender to save the kindgom. Himiko and Kutani gradually realize their connections to the ancient world and the power of the sacred flame as they gain some new strength.

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