Leadale no Daichi nite (Dub)

Leadale no Daichi nite (Dub)

Alternative: The Language of Leadale’s

World: Episodes with Dubs: 12

Type: Year: Winter 2022 Status in 2022: Finished

Description of an Adventure-Fantasy The lifeless Keina Kagami finds herself in Leadale, her favorite VRMMORPG, following the failure of her life support system. She remembers playing a different role, but when she reincarnates as her high-level character “Cayna,” she finds that Leadale’s world is different from what she remembers. As she comes to learn, 200 years have passed since she last collaborated with the world. Cayna, on the other hand, is not saddened by this because it means that she is about to embark on a brand-new journey that is jam-packed with exciting opportunities and unfamiliar individuals who are all waiting to be discovered.

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