Type: The Movie’s

Plot: Mikio Osawa is a typical 5th grade boy who lives in the Osaka suburbs. Haruko Tezuka, a cute little girl in Mikio’s class, is his favorite. However, Mikio is too reserved and shy to express his affection for Haruko. One day, Mikio’s close friend Megane tells him that Haruko is moving to a different town. Naoto Iwakiri, an illustrator from Osaka, created the romantic comedy animation Kaede Newtown. Kaede Newtown transports you to the good ol’ town you grew up in with its adorable little characters and music by Japanese band Aprils and singer-songwriter TOMOVSKY.

Genre: Slicing of Life, a romantic comedy, has been released: 2007

Status: Completed

A different name: 楓ニュータウン

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