Type: Summary of the TV Series’

Plot: The four girls, who are looking for that one-of-a-kind club, are starting their first year of high school. The sound and enthusiastic Tainaka Ritsu (club president, drums) chooses to join the school’s Light Music Club, just to figure out that the club is going to be shut — because of the absence of individuals. She brings Akiyama Mio (bass), a shy, mature, and sensitive childhood friend, along without much fuss. As a result, the club needs only two more members to stay open. Fortunately, Kotobuki Tsumugi (the keyboard) stumbles into the club, only to be “convinced” by Ritsu’s pleas to stay. The final member, the easily distracted klutz Hirasawa Yui, can only play castanets, but she is “bribed” to stay with cake despite the fact that the club needs someone to play guitar. Before the four girls graduate, will Yui be able to learn to play the special guitar she just bought and adores so much?

Genre: Comedy,Music,School,Slice of Life

Delivered: 2009

Status: Completed

A different name: K-ON!, Keion! The first season

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