Type: Summary of the TV Series’

Plot: At the point when what seems to be a group of meteorites show up overhead, Rinko Kougyoku and her companion Minami each make a wish. What the young ladies genuinely saw were not stars, yet ‘Gem Charms’ tumbling to the Earth. These charms were made by three magicians in Jewel Land, a magical world with a lot of native Jewelpets. The magicians sometimes transform these creatures into charms so that they can be carried around with ease, even though they are free to roam the world in their original form. Most Jewelpets don’t find this problematic, yet when a naughty rabbit by the name of Ruby feels excessively claustrophobic, she devises her departure. A pelican is assigned to transport the Jewelpets to the Dream Forest when the magicians decide to relocate them. All is well until a powerful wind gust throws the bird off his feet, causing him to drop all of the charms he was carrying. Rather than heading towards the Fantasy Woodland, all the Jewelpets however Ruby tumble to Rinko’s home city on The planet. Somebody should proceed to recover them all, and as Ruby was the most obviously awful acted of the pack, she is given the undertaking of going to Earth. At the point when Ruby arrives at Earth as a red Gem Appeal, she falls into Rinko’s water glass, and subsequently starts a somewhat startling experience. Rinko, Minami, and Ruby structure a coalition to look and assemble the fallen charms in general, experiencing odd animals and lots of supportive partners en route. Will they be able to safely return the Jewelpets, or is Earth full of more danger than they anticipated?

Genre: Released: Shojo, Fantasy, and Magic 2009

Status: Completed

A different name: ジュエルペット

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