Legend of Sirius (Dub)

Legend of Sirius (Dub)

Alternative: The Sea Prince and the Fire Child, Sirius no Densetsu

Language: Episodes with Dubs: 1

Type: Film Year: Status in 1981: Finished

Genres: Drama, fantasy, and romance about two siblings of

Description: Gods who once lived on Earth. Oceanus, the God of Water, and Hyperia, the Goddess of Fire, lived happily together and loved each other deeply. Algaroc, the God of Wind, however, became envious of the couple’s happiness and spread lies to them until their animosity resulted in war. Algaroc was finally put in prison by the King of Gods, but even after that, the brother and sister continued to despise one another, and the Children of Fire and Water never got along again. However at that point Ruler Syrius of the Water and Princess Malta of the Fire meet and become hopelessly enamored. Syrius and Malta’s love might not be enough to overcome their parents’ animosity. It may not be possible for them to remain together indefinitely.

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