Legend of Crystania Movie

Legend of Crystania Movie

Alternative: Hajimari no Boukensha-tachi: Language of Legend of Crystania: Subbed

Episodes: 1

Type: Film Year: Status in 1995: Finished

Genres: Activity Experience Dream Enchantment Extraordinary

From the brilliant pen of Ryo Mizuno, comes an all-new experience set in the consequence of the Lodoss Wars!Ashram, frantic to track down a permanent place to stay for his kin, is fooled into selling his spirit. Pirotesse’s devotion to her king endures despite the passage of 300 years. She looks for her cherished Ashram in the sacred world of Crystania, where shape-shifting warriors are fighting a civil war. She meets Redon, a youthful sovereign fixated on avenging his killed guardians. Barbas, a bloodthirsty assassin who aspires to be “The God’s King” of Crystania, is the captor of the Ashram. Together, they confront him. Will they free Ashram’s spirit . . . or will Redon’s innocence be the next thing that Barbas’ growing power demands in exchange for?

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