Type: JOKER GAME (DUB). Summary of the Spring 2016 Anime

Plot: Intelligence on the social and economic conditions of other nations has become a valuable asset as World War II draws closer. Subsequently, Japan, has laid out another covert agent association known as the “D Organization” to acquire this weapon. Eight agents have been assigned to infiltrate and observe some of the most powerful nations, reporting on any war-related developments, under Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki’s command. To complete these risky undertakings, these men have prepared their bodies to get by in outrageous circumstances and concentrated on various fields like correspondences and dialects. However, their greatest strength lies in their capacity to influence individuals in order to acquire the information required to gain the upper hand for their nation.

Genre: Released: Drama, historical, and military works. 2016

Situation: Completed

A different name: ジョーカー・ゲーム

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