Type: Summary of the TV Series’

Plot: Dr. Yamanoue, the devotee Secretary of the Science Ministry, assembles the Android robot on an artificial island in 2015 A.D. He wants to live with him as if he were his own son. However, the robot’s electric brain is defective. He concludes that Dr. Kawashimo’s assistance is necessary to rectify his defective rain. Even though they are friends, they compete with each other in scientific research and private life. Dr. Yamanoue only sees the robot as one of his strategic tools because he is very egotistical. Running against the norm, Dr. Kawashimo is a conservative and gives his fondness to robots. Dr. Kawashimo rushes to the island on solicitation of Dr. Yamanoue, taking his young girl Miri with him. Showing up on the island, Dr. Kawashimo sets the electric cerebrum into Stream Mars, a robot kid. Mars enters the world as a result. Everything is new to Mars and he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what is positive or negative. He lifts Miri and Dr. Kawashimo onto the building the following day. At the point when he sees a glimmer of dampness in Miri’s eyes, he has a strange inclination to him. After that, he asks Dr. Yamanoue about it. He is instructed that a strong man never sheds a tear while a weak girl does. At some point, the electric mind of Fainton, another robot, is put messed up. As a result, Fainton goes on a wild rampage, triggering a crisis on the island. At the point when the seawater runs into the offices from the enormous opening made by Fainton, just Mars remains in wonder and is comfortable misfortune what to do all at once Miri shows her ultra capacity and covers the large opening. Mars also carries an iron sheet and repairs under her direction. Finally they salvage Dr. Yamanoue and Dr. Kawashimo from being washed via seawater. Dr. Kawashimo created the robot known as Miri. Mars figures out how to cry and figures out how to play out a thoughtful deed.

Genre: Released: Sci-fi, action, drama, and mechanics 1977

Status: Completed

A different name: Fly Mars, ジェッターマルス

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