Type: IKKITOUSEN (DUB) Summary of the TV Series’

Plot: Seven distinct high schools in the Kanto region of Japan’s Ikkitousen are engaged in a turf war. Only a few of these schools’ students have sacred beads in their possession. These magatama harbor the spirits of fighters who battled during the Three Realms Time of Chinese history. These students not only have the abilities that come from the souls to which they are tethered, but they also have the fates of these ancient warriors—whether they are blessed or cursed. One of these understudies is Hakufu Sonsaku; a young, caring, and stupid girl who just moved into Nanyo Academy and will live with Koukin Shuyu, her cousin. Due to her strength as a fighter and the possibility that she carries the spirit of Chinese warlord Sun Ce, Hakufu’s arrival almost immediately creates tension. The most impressive warriors at Nanyo, known as “The Enormous Four” are shaken by her not entirely settled to prevent Hakufu from accomplishing the objective given to her by her mom: to defeat her adversaries and unite the seven schools.

Genre: Ecchi’s Super Power, School, Martial Arts: Status in 2003: Completed

A different name: The name Ikki Tousen,

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