The type of IKEBUKURO WEST GATE PARK (DUB): Summary of the Fall 2020 Anime

Plot: There are numerous gangs and businesses in Ikebukuro. Makoto Majima is included in this: the well-known “troubleshooter” who acts as a mediator between conflicting parties. Together with the G-Boys, who help Makoto with his troubleshooting efforts, Makoto strives to maintain peace in the bustling Tokyo district. The G-Boys are Ikebukuro’s most powerful gang, led by the charismatic and brutal Takashi Andou. However, tensions immediately rise between the G-Boys and the newly formed “Red Angels” faction as they begin to invade their territory. Makoto has a harder time getting around the G-Boys because there are so many enemies all over and within them. He slowly reveals a plot that could set off an all-out war and put Ikebukuro in danger as he continues to solve issues.

Genre: Drama,Mystery

Delivered: Status for 2020: Completed

A different name: 池袋ウエストゲートパーク

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